5 examples of how Dublin's tech scene is still growing

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In a series of recent articles here on The Recruitment Company's blog, we've taken a look at the booming Dublin tech scene, and what makes it so attractive to talented IT workers and industry-leading organisations alike. There are no signs of Ireland's IT industry slowing down, and in this article, we'll take a closer look at five factors that co…

Why you or your business should consider video recruitment

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As we look forward to 2018, it's important to take stock of where recruitment in Australia has progressed over the last year, and where there's still room for improvement. One of the most significant shifts we've seen is the embracing of new technologies, with more and more businesses looking for innovative solutions to find better fits for their…

The Great Recruitment Industry Survey

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Love recruiters?  Hate recruiters? Indifferent to recruiters but like chipping in your two cents worth on any subject on the internet?  Whichever it is we want your opinion. We want to know what you feel about the recruitment industry as a whole.

We're embarking on a mission to make ourselves better but we need to know what it is about our industry…

Top 4 video recruitment products for Australian businesses

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The world of recruitment is becoming more advanced every year, with new technologies revolutionising the way that businesses and recruitment agencies secure the best talent. One of the biggest shifts we've seen over the last few years has been the rise of video, which is now an invaluable tool at multiple points throughout the hiring process. 


3 recruitment innovations to embrace in 2018

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There's no doubting the competitiveness of the Australian recruitment industry, particularly in fields like construction, IT and finance where there's a shortage of skilled workers available to take on new roles. This can make it difficult for businesses to secure top talent, unless they have the right support to cut through the competition and s…

How to recruit and hire great software engineers in Australia

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IT and technology (IT&T) are some of Australia's most innovative industries, but with rapid advancement comes significant challenges that need to be overcome for businesses to succeed. One of the most complex and fast-moving sectors within the realm of IT&T is software development. Fortunately Australian software development companies hav…

Innovation by inclusion: The benefits of diversity in the workplace

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Almost everybody agrees that more diverse workforces are a good thing for Australian businesses. What's a little more complicated, however, is breaking down the benefits of diversity in the workplace, and making use of these to improve the way an organisation operates.

Fortunately, the last few years have seen the publishing of several different …

What is the future for the IT recruitment sector in Australia?

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According to LinkedIn's Australia Recruiting Trend 2017 report, IT is one of the most important vacancies to recruit for in Australia right now, ranked just after Operations and Sales. In the changing business landscape, IT professionals are central to a company's ability to innovate, and the demand for skilled technology workers is often higher …

The benefits of working and living in Dublin

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One of the very best aspects of working in the growing technology and digital sectors is the opportunity to travel to some of the most interesting parts of the world. With a high demand in the industry for recruiting talented employees - who are in short supply - skilled workers are blessed with the ability to pursue their careers in cities which…

Why the best IT professionals are constantly growing their skills

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In an industry as rapidly evolving as IT, developing your skills is not only beneficial - it's necessary. Businesses across every sector rely on their technology specialists to help them innovate and drive digital transformation. Consequently, the most hirable and desired IT professionals are those that constantly strive to develop their expertis…