The modern business needs talent for bolstering network security

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At numerous places of business in recent years, we've seen companies branch out in terms of the different sorts of high-tech resources they rely on. The modern staff uses cloud solutions to share data smoothly and make collaboration easier. They use mobile devices for accessing their work files in the office or remotely. They've never had more ways of storing or accessing information.

3 simple things to do today for a $10K payrise

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Many recruiters would like to get a payrise, but often don't know how to achieve it. Did you know that earning yourself a $10,000 pay increase can be as simple as doing little things to get more from your day?

We at The Recruitment Company believe that it is not the big things you do, but the small steps you take consistently that will make the…

Are you a social media superstar? Strategies for the modern recruiter

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Did you know that social media is not just for keeping up with your mates, but can actually be a great digital recruitment weapon? A 2014 survey by Jobvite revealed that 59 per cent of recruiters use social networks to find the highest quality candidates.

Yet the key to accessing this talent-ripe source is to understand the differences between …

A day in the life of a Sydney recruiter

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There are many great reasons to move your recruitment career to Sydney, but perhaps the biggest one of all is the lifestyle offered by many of the city's beachside suburbs. 

One of the hottest places to live is on the North Shore, in Manly, where the beautiful beaches and myriad of shops, restaurants and bars provide endless opportunity for you to…

Can a recruiter work in a flexible workplace?

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In the digitally-enabled business environment of today, employees in many industries no longer have to come in to the office to get their work done. But is recruitment one of them? How does the traditional recruitment sales floor survive in a world of cloud technology, and how can a recruiter share client information in an environment with a disper…

3 reasons recruiting in Sydney trumps London every time

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Are you considering a job with a Sydney recruitment agency? Can you hear the sun and sand of Bondi Beach calling your name, but aren't sure whether to follow? Although choosing to relocate for your career can be a challenging decision, it can be greatly simplified by comparing the benefits and drawbacks of moving.

So, how does recruiting in Syd…

Researching for your recruitment career in Sydney [video]

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In this instalment of The Recruitment Company video blog, we are going to discuss your imminent move to Sydney to take the next step in your recruitment career. One of the biggest decisions you'll need to make will be the company you eventually work for.

There are a number of avenues you can use to find out about Sydney agencies.

Firstly, …

Why are awards important for recruiters? [video]

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Hi there, and welcome back to The Recruitment Company video blog. In this instalment, we are going to look at why winning awards is important for recruitment agencies.

Recruitment is a tough industry with a reputation for high staff turnover, and many companies accept this as a fact of the profession. However, a company that values industr…

Checklist for getting an Aussie work visa [video]

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Thanks for joining us for The Recruitment Company video blog. So, you've decided to make the big move over to Australia. Congratulations - this is a huge step in your recruiting career. However, there are several things you should know about getting an employer sponsored 457 visa before you can finalise your plans.

Firstly, you should know the min…