Delivering great customer service through driving great culturePart 2

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In Part one of this two series blog, I wrote about the four cornerstones of driving great culture and the value this culture can bring to your business. In part two, I’d like to look at how to externalize your culture in raising the bar on customer service.  

Having spent the last few years developing The Recruitment Company's culture, working tir…

Delivering great customer service through driving great culturePart 1

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Driving strong company culture is something that I write about a lot, as I'm a firm believer in the power that great culture has to impact the level of customer service across every facet of your business, for all types of business, not just for a recruitment agency.

Great customer service, however, means a myriad of different things to different …

How to capture the imagination of your next employer

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Every candidate will know the struggles of trying to find a job. Although you might have the best experience or top qualification, with so many people vying for roles it can easily turn into a lottery. 

As such, it is vital to stand out from the crowd during the recruitment process to ensure that your resume and cover letter capture the imagination …

Top 3 traits I look for in sales people

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Simon Moss, The Recruitment Company's Chairman, talks about the top three traits he looks for when hiring sales people - both for The Recruitment Company and for his clients.

How to attract the next generation of talent

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With technology always changing shape and scope, it can be tough to keep up with all the comings and goings. However, for Generation Z (those born after 1990), managing technology is what they have grown up with.

As many of these Generation Z professionals exit university and begin applying for technology-related jobs, businesses that understand how…

Data and analytics insight fails to meet expectations

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For 21st century businesses, data and analytics play a critical role in making decisions. Whether it is in relation to customer trust, purchasing stock, deciding on expansion, valuable insights are likely to come from collected data.

However, according to the recent Going Beyond the Data - Turning Data from Insights into Value study from KPMG Intern…

Asbestos purchase and demolition scheme accepted

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Asbestos exposure has been a constant threat to the health of workers and the general Australian public for many years now. As such, every state government is working hard to minimise this threat and ensure that fatality rates remain as low as possible. 

It is then pleasing to report that the NSW state government has accepted all the recommendations…

Social media recruitment: What do candidates need to know?

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Ah, social media.The technology that connects our distant friends and family and allows us to show off our sunny holiday snaps. However, online networks aren't just purely for fun - recruiters are actively trawling these sites for professional reasons.

According to the results of a recently published CareerBuilder survey, the number of employers usi…

DevOps - an emerging trend in IT

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In the last decade or so, organisational infrastructure has been undergoing a change. Businesses are striving to become more agile, doing away with silos.

Traditionally, the IT department was an isolated function - however, this set up is fast eroding making way for a leaner and more connected way of doing this thanks to Development Operations (DevO…