3 key skills of a software developer

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Software development is a growing and lucrative sector of the IT market. With many businesses depending on quality products to sell to clients, the process is both stressful and imperative.

Get this step wrong and businesses could face significant costs, both in the back pocket as well as to their reputation.

This means that recruiting individuals wi…

Construction opportunities heading back to school

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Sydney's oldest university will undergo a major $1.4 billion upgrade which will expand both the economy and construction jobs.

In a February 27 media statement, Minister for Planning Pru Goward announced that the concept proposal had been approved for work at both the Camperdown and Darlington campuses. The new education facilities will mean that th…

What are the benefits of innovation?

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Innovations such as cloud computing and data analytics are sweeping across the world at a fast rate. However, it is the mark of a smart and progressive business that it can pick up on these trends and ensure they lead to sustainable growth.

Based on the findings from Microsoft Australia's Culturing Success report though, not enough businesses are em…

Urge to get websites mobile friendly

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Technology has meant that consumers have internet access nearly everywhere they go. As a result, there has been a shift away from desktop computers and towards tablets and mobile devices.

For businesses, this means making their website mobile-friendly is more important than ever. However, with a major Google update set for next month, organisation…

Engineers to prosper with new WA stadium

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NSW engineers will understand the benefits of quality stadium infrastructure. In the past 20 years, many new stadiums have been built in the state mostly thanks to the 2000 Olympics and the many codes that feature regionally.

With this in mind, it is pleasing to report that Perth's new stadium project is progressing nicely. In fact, a local company …

Construction set to soar in Queensland

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For many years, the Australian construction industry has performed below expectations as a result of poor consumer confidence and a fluctuating dollar.

However, it seems that 2015 will see a busy year of home building in one state in particular - Queensland.

According to a recently released media statement from the Housing Industry Association (HIA),…

How to lift internal workplace safety outcomes

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One of the biggest responsibilities for employers across Australia is work health and safety. Countless studies in the past have found that a healthy and safe workplace is also a more productive one.

With this in mind, it's hard to believe that some businesses let their standards slip. Either through neglect or simply forgetting their role, these la…

Survey: Increasing pressure on project managers

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Project managers undoubtedly have many aspects to deal with when working through an IT project. From planning, recruitment, concept implementation and risk management, the list can go on and on.

It is then no surprise that according to the results of a recent survey, project manager workloads have increased significantly over the past 12 months. Doc…

Major bridging project aimed at productivity

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Freight is easily one of the most important parts of the Australian economy so it makes sense that the federal government has announced a widespread project to improve the quality of the country's bridges.

In every state, the government has agreed to fund the upgrade of a number of locations including 29 in NSW.

Totalling $25.8 million in federal fun…

Financial businesses eager for cloud solutions

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Financial organisations such as banking, insurance and investment firms are the latest to show their intentions towards cloud computing.

Based on the findings of the recently released survey How Cloud is Being Used in the Financial Sector, it seems many could be in the market for an IT contractor in the coming months.

The survey, conducted by the Clo…