Myths about Gender Diversity in LeadershipPart 1

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In this weeks episode of our 8 part video blog series about gender diversity issues, our industry specialists talk about some of the myths they have experienced. 

This week we talk to Lisa Annese, CEO of Diversity Council Australia, Michele Adair, CEO of Cystic Fibrosis NSW and Kelly Lamborn, CIO of Conn3cted

Investigating Australia's market outlook for civil engineering in 2017

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The next 12 months are set to be busy ones for the country's civil engineers. A range of national, multi-state and state-specific projects are expected to get underway, while the advice offered by the federal government's Infrastructure Priority List means there will be more in the pipeline for years to come as well. 

Overall, civil engineers c…

The benefits of diversity within an IT team [Video]

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Thank you for joining The Recruitment Company video blog. Traditionally, the IT industry has been dominated by male employees, both in Australia and elsewhere. According to the Workplace Gender Equality Agency, only 40 per cent of people in professional, scientific and technical services were women as of 2015.

Numerous studies have shown that…

Mindfulness and empathy in leadership

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I recently attended a Women in Leadership forum hosted by the Australian Director Institute, and had the privilege of listening to four remarkable women, one of which was The Hon. Julia Gillard, speak on the topic of resilience. In which the overriding message was about the importance of bringing mindfulness and empathy into leadership.

As leaders…

5 things that changed recruitmentForever

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We live in an age where we are bombarded daily with online innovations claiming to be “the death of recruitment”, the ”Uber of recruitment” or some other claim of industry wide apocalypse.

But recruitment has always been an industry in a state of flux.  It was born from the chaos of the wars at the start of the 20th century and has faced numerous …

Agile vs WaterfallWhy are companies switching?

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As many famous quotes have told us in the past, things never stay the same for long. This sentiment rings loud and true in the project industry, as agile methodology fast overtaking its waterfall predecessor.

3 Biggest IT Trends in 2017 [Video]

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A new year means a fresh range of upcoming IT trends. To focus your attention in 2017, here are the three technologies likely to have the biggest impact.

The first is the Internet of Things. As more and more devices are augmented with network connectivity, Gartner predicts they'll offer even more value to businesses. The organisation is forec…

Emerging developments in Australia's payments market

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In the eyes of many tech companies, the wallet is one extra item that can be made unnecessary as smartphones become even more advanced. In their perfect world, leaving the house without your wallet would no longer mean being locked off from most of your finances. We can already call and pay for an Uber to take us home, so why not add paying for …

Gender Diversity in Leadership Part 1Video Blog (2 of 8)

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In the run up to International Womens Day The Recruitment Company has put together a series of video blogs in which industry leaders discuss issues around gender diversity.

This week we talk to Michele Adair, CEO of Cystic Fibrosis NSW, Craig Mowll, CEO of #D Business Diagnostics, Sarah Banek, Director at The Recruitment Company, Kelly Lamborn, CI…

The benefits of diversity in a software development team

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The tech industry has been the unfortunate end of some of the working world's most prevailing stereotypes. Thankfully, the basement-dwelling male caricature that's dominated pop culture's representation of the techy nerd is no longer an accurate representation of what it's like to work in an IT job.

In short, the industry as a whole has long be…