Security becomes top concern among CIOs

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As Australia continues to battle cyberattacks and data breaches, it is becoming evident that Australian organisations are beginning to understand the consequences of no action. 

The International Data Corporation (IDC) reported that security is now the top concern for Australian CIOs across all of its 3rd Platform technology pillars including Big Da…

IT professionals in high demand - report

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There is no doubt that whatever industry you are involved in, digital technologies is having a significant influence on your progress. From the public to the private sector, IT professionals have made key differences in recent years. However, this demand is highlighting a serious skills shortage.

The Australian Computer Society and Deloitte recently…

How to take a stress-free holiday away from work

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Most of us have annual leave coming out our ears. With the thought of being away from the action too much for some, a holiday is something of a distant memory.

However, time away from work is wonderful for so many reasons. A chance to catch up with friends and family, view stunning locations around the world or simply to enjoy the peace and quiet of…

How to ace a telephone interview

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With IT roles becoming available across Australia, it is possible that you'll be applying for a job where you can't actually get to the interview in person. As such, a phone interview is conducted to analyse your suitability.

While this situation removing the sometimes awkwardness of a physical job interview, candidates still need to prepare themsel…

Experience vs certifications: What's more important?

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When it comes to recruitment - businesses usually have their own process to adhere to. However, the person in charge of recruitment probably has a different strategy altogether.

The perfect example of this is the old conundrum of whether a candidate with experience in the industry is better than one with a certification, but no history of working in…

3 interview questions to have a good answer to

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Job interviews are stressful at the best of times. In a room with strangers, being asked personal questions that will decide whether or not you get a job offer.

While it would be great to know what hiring managers are going to ask, most of us mere mortals can't read minds - yet. This means it is important to think about what they could ask and pre…

3 key skills of a software developer

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Software development is a growing and lucrative sector of the IT market. With many businesses depending on quality products to sell to clients, the process is both stressful and imperative.

Get this step wrong and businesses could face significant costs, both in the back pocket as well as to their reputation.

This means that recruiting individual…

Construction opportunities heading back to school

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Sydney's oldest university will undergo a major $1.4 billion upgrade which will expand both the economy and construction jobs.

In a February 27 media statement, Minister for Planning Pru Goward announced that the concept proposal had been approved for work at both the Camperdown and Darlington campuses. The new education facilities will mean that …

What are the benefits of innovation?

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Innovations such as cloud computing and data analytics are sweeping across the world at a fast rate. However, it is the mark of a smart and progressive business that it can pick up on these trends and ensure they lead to sustainable growth.

Based on the findings from Microsoft Australia's Culturing Success report though, not enough businesses are em…

Urge to get websites mobile friendly

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Technology has meant that consumers have internet access nearly everywhere they go. As a result, there has been a shift away from desktop computers and towards tablets and mobile devices.

For businesses, this means making their website mobile-friendly is more important than ever. However, with a major Google update set for next month, organisation…