Building ServicesBoom time Pay increases, truth or myth

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The recent speech from Reserve Bank Governor, Phillip Lowe, emphasized the fact that one of the issues facing the Australian economy at the moment is that on one hand wages are currently growing at the slowest rate on record whilst on the other we take on more debt than ever before. 

Within the Building Services sector the slow wage growth issue h…

Adjusting to the rise of activity-based working

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Back in the old days, there was one rigid paradigm for doing work, and everyone had to adhere to it - they had no choice. People would simply come in to an office, sit at a desk and handle their responsibilities there from 9 to 5. There were no alternatives. It didn't matter whether the employee was feeling collaborative or independent, free-flo…

Recruiters, which Star Wars character is your boss?Part 5: The Party Maker

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Its fair to say that our industry attracts its fair share of sociopaths.  Most of us are nice folk; even tempered and well adjusted.  But then there are those amongst us who, to put it kindly, aren’t quite as balanced.  And sometimes those individuals are actually quite good at recruitment.  And one of the interesting traits of recruitment is that,…

The benefits of remote working [Video]

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Welcome back to The Recruitment Company's video blog, today we're talking about the advantages of working remotely.

According to Ford's online commuter calculator, the average Australian spends around 58 minutes commuting to the office every day. Nobody wakes up in the morning eager to sit in traffic, and with congestion becoming an increas…

The Benefits of remote workingVideo Blog

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In this installment of The Recruitment Company's video blog we talk about some of the benefits of remote working conditions

If you've enjoyed this blog, you're a recruiter of HR professional and my blog has sparked your interest in working for a recruitment agency in Sydney that offers flexible working conditions, check out our current opportuni…

Tales of UntetheredPart 5: The Cynic

Having recruited for nearly 10 years it is fair to say I am pretty set in my ways. I was trained on the job in a fast pace, hold no prisoner environment in sunny Leeds, UK.

My day was very regimented, there were core hours for business development and candidate networking. You could only take a break at 11am and 4pm for 20 minutes with one hour f…

Tales of UntetheredPart 4: The New dad

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Needless to say, 2016 has felt like a pretty seismic year for a lot of reasons. We have seen major shifts in the political world with recent election and referendum results and we have lost numerous talented artists from the world of film and music. Personally, these all pale into insignificance compared to the seismic shift in my own circumstances…

Building a future for NSW [Video]

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Thanks for joining us for the latest instalment of The Recruitment Company's video blog, where we will be looking at the future of the residential construction market in New South Wales.

New data from the Department of Planning and Environment predicts the New South Wales population will grow by 1.37 per cent annually from 2016 to 2021, reaching…

Change... for good?

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Organisational change within Government, like within any organisation, is commonplace. As the old adage goes, “Change is the only constant” and this is certainly true within the public sector.  

The Government Sector Employment (GSE) Act 2013 was introduced with a vision to modernise the public sector and promote embodiment of the Government core …