Three of the most innovative recruitment campaigns in history

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Recruitment isn’t new. People have been looking to engage with other people with a very particular set of skills (as Liam Neeson so succinctly put it) since the dawn of time.

 So here are three of the most innovative recruitment campaigns in history;

Julius Caesar c60BC

JC did a fair bit in his time. Arguably the most famous Roman Emperor he con…

Four things running has taught me about leadership

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I’m fairly new to running. When I say ‘new to running’ I mean before I got roped in to running some silly race 2 years ago I couldn’t remember the last time I’d run anywhere.

“You’ll love it,” they said. “You’ll never look back,” they protested. “Your beer gut will be gone in weeks,” they cried. So armed with a shiny new pair of trainers, an exces…

Three things Karate Kid teaches us about recruitment

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Recruiter armed with a good mentor and a set of chopsticks can achieve anything. Here are  three things Karate Kid teaches us about recruitment;

 1. Mentor ‘yes’ or mentor ‘no’. Never mentor ‘guess so’

If karate kid teaches us two things about life it is this;

Firstly, never try and hook up with the ex-girlfriend of the leader of a motorbike rid…

Building ServicesBoom time Pay increases, truth or myth

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The recent speech from Reserve Bank Governor, Phillip Lowe, emphasized the fact that one of the issues facing the Australian economy at the moment is that on one hand wages are currently growing at the slowest rate on record whilst on the other we take on more debt than ever before. 

Within the Building Services sector the slow wage growth issue h…

Adjusting to the rise of activity-based working

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Back in the old days, there was one rigid paradigm for doing work, and everyone had to adhere to it - they had no choice. People would simply come in to an office, sit at a desk and handle their responsibilities there from 9 to 5. There were no alternatives. It didn't matter whether the employee was feeling collaborative or independent, free-fl…

Recruiters, which Star Wars character is your boss?Part 5: The Party Maker

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Its fair to say that our industry attracts its fair share of sociopaths.  Most of us are nice folk; even tempered and well adjusted.  But then there are those amongst us who, to put it kindly, aren’t quite as balanced.  And sometimes those individuals are actually quite good at recruitment.  And one of the interesting traits of recruitment is that,…

The benefits of remote working [Video]

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Welcome back to The Recruitment Company's video blog, today we're talking about the advantages of working remotely.

According to Ford's online commuter calculator, the average Australian spends around 58 minutes commuting to the office every day. Nobody wakes up in the morning eager to sit in traffic, and with congestion becoming an increas…