Adventures in employer branding: Part 1. The costly mistake of overselling

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The thing with employer branding is that the more effective it becomes, often the less effective it becomes. 

“Huh!?”  You exclaim.

Well let me explain.  Employer branding is all about making your internal culture external.  There are many new channels open to employer branding and many of these channels were once the exclusive domain of marketin…

Cybersecurity workers needed to protect Australian businesses

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Cybercrime is a big issue for modern businesses, and many Australian organisations are struggling to find enough specialists with the right expertise, Consequently, IT security workers are in high demand across the country, and more action must be taken to close the skills gap. What is being done to improve the IT recruitment landscape and ensur…

Video killed every other star, so why not use it for job descriptions?

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Writing job descriptions is already one of the most challenging parts of the recruitment process. You've got to pick an audience, a list of key competencies and - worst of all - try and be way too fun (those pesky millennials and their wafer-thin attention spans).

Here's where we'd normally say we've got a few tips and tricks to make it way eas…

Where are the best career opportunities in Dublin?

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Dublin is one of the most exciting hubs of growth and innovation around today. If you're looking to make the big move to Ireland and take advantage of this rapidly changing business landscape, it's important to have an idea of where you're going to target your job search. Technology is now one of the cornerstones of the Dublin economy, and is cr…

Project management software - pros and cons

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Good project management is key to maximising the efficiency of processes and promoting good outcomes, so it's important for businesses to get quality project services recruitment. While the skills of project managers are fundamental, having the right tools allows them to take their performance to the next level and deliver the best possible resu…

STEM studies are driving the future of Dublin's tech industry

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Already, Dublin boasts a world class IT industry that puts it on par with technology innovators across the globe. Yet to remain competitive, it needs to have sufficient talent to meet its future IT recruitment needs. Education in Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths (STEM) plays a key role in developing the skill sets of the next tech work…

How to make the most of Australia's gig economy

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The gig economy is gaining ground in numerous industries across Australia, with many workers, particularly from the younger generations, attracted by more flexible and independent work arrangements instead of the traditional nine-to-five job. Opportunities in a wide range of industries, including digital IT recruitment, are set up on a task-by-t…

How technology will support the gender gap closing

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When it comes to issues in the Australian workplace, the gender pay gap stands out like a sore thumb. Although this gap has improved in recent years, the average woman in an OECD country still earns around 15 per cent less than her male counterpart, according to the 2017 PwC's Women in Work Index.

This was one of the key findings from the index…

Driving and distinguishing fintech in Ireland

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Every innovating country has a headline act that sets it apart in the digital world, and for Ireland, it's financial technology (fintech). Despite the country's relatively small population, Ireland's fintech scene is one of the fastest moving in the world. In order to make the most of the economic benefits and support new IT recruitment opportunities, the fintech industry must continue to leverage its strengths and take advantage of government support.

Rail projects to drive future construction growth

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Rail is one of most important components of Australia's transport infrastructure, and having a well-built, efficient rail system is vital for economic developments across every state in the country. With a range of new rail projects close on the horizon, the prospects are good for both individuals and businesses that rely on rail transport, and …