Which hot IT skills are in demand for 2017? [Video]

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Hello, and welcome to another episode of The Recruitment Company's video blog. Today, we'll be looking at the hot skills tech employers are looking for in 2017.

Computerworld found that 35 per cent of employers are seeking experienced programmers for application development. This work can include everything from customising software for spec…

Are startups the answer to gender diversity in IT?

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A number of different traits have seen tech startups gain international recognition, but beyond the disruptive products, headline-making office layouts and meteoric rises in value is one much more relatable feature: Freedom. 

While not every tech entrepreneur will be excited by the prospect of an office filled with bean bags and pool tables, th…

What are Australia's marquee construction projects for 2017?

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Australia's construction industry is one of varying scale. From individual houses through to major city waterfront redevelopments, the projects that lie in the country's future promise a wealth of ongoing work for people in the industry. 

The projects listed below range from major infrastructure improvements to long-term revisions of existing c…

Deal or no dealHow to handle a low ball job offer

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As recruiters we face the challenge of clients offering below expected salaries, or low ball offers, more regularly than we would like. In some cases the impact of a low ball offer is enough to put people off; it's an emotionally charged situation that nose dives from the onset. 

I've found that the offer can sometimes be up for negotiation if han…

How to attract a more diverse workforcePart 1

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In this week's episode of our 8 part look at gender diversity in the workforce, our industry specialists talk about some techniques to start attracting more women to your workforce.

Australia's building services outlook for 2017

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Australia's construction industry continues to remain steady across its various sectors. According to the Australian Bureau of Statistics, the total value of building work completed throughout the country continued to rise throughout 2016, spurred on mainly by the growth in the residential construction sector.

While there was a slight downturn …

Myths about Gender Diversity in LeadershipPart 1

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In this weeks episode of our 8 part video blog series about gender diversity issues, our industry specialists talk about some of the myths they have experienced. 

This week we talk to Lisa Annese, CEO of Diversity Council Australia, Michele Adair, CEO of Cystic Fibrosis NSW and Kelly Lamborn, CIO of Conn3cted