HR Managers: What do applicants want from you?

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With the seemingly endless list of demands on HR's time, its often the end applicant who loses out. But our recent survey of the recruitment industry suggests that this is probably a bad decision. The upside? Re-prioritising can have some major benefits.

#untetheredlife Part 4The returning parent

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In the 4th instalment of our #Untetheredlife series, in which we explore how working for a recruitment agency that offers flexible working impacts the people that work there, Holly talks about how it has improved her ability to be both awesome at work and at home, something she thought she'd lost when returning to the workforce after maternity leave.

#untetheredlife Part 3The Traveller

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What's it like to work for a recruitment agency that offers flexible working? In part 3 of this series, Kimberley Woods discusses how it has helped her with her love of travelling.

What is the best language to use in your covering letter?

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In this video we talk about how to approach your covering letter and supporting material.   

Much has been written about covering letters and many people consider them to be obsolete.  However some oganisations still request them and many still consider them as important or even more important than a resume. 

In this short video we raise some of …

#Untetheredlife Part 2Beach Volleyball + Recruitment = A day in the life of Sam

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Beach Volleyball + Recruitment = A day in the life of Sam

#untethered life for me is all about being able to balance my life in UX recruitment and my life down at the beach! For those of us in recruitment, you know it’s not a 9-5 job; for those of you who have tried to predict the weather in Sydney.. it’s just not possible! The perfect balance to …

Prepping Your Candidates

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In his series about how to recruit better, guest writer, Chris Hart, talks about the art of thoroughly prepping candidates for interview.

What are the benefits of behavioural interviews?

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Interviewing is a tricky business, and finding the right employee for your organisation is about far more than simply identifying the right skills and experience. You'll also need to make sure that a potential new hire has the right personality to fit in with your organisation, and will be able to cope with the pressures of any situation they mi…

Why Are You Not Calling Your Clients?Guest writer Chris Hart from The Recruiter Index

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Why Are You Not Calling Your Clients?

Don’t Rely On Email.

This should be an easy one, we all have clients and we all have emails. We definitely can’t do business without clients and in the modern age we probably couldn’t do business without emails. They are a necessity and they do make life a little easier, but do we rely on them too much? In my…