How the video recruitment process is making hiring easier

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As in almost every industry, recruiters are always looking for ways to improve the quality of their work, while also speeding up the process and allowing them to get more done. In recent years, new technologies have made these improved workflows possible, with one of the biggest developments coming in the arena of interviewing .

Thanks to faste…

#Untetheredlife Part 7 Its a bitter sweet symphony this #untetheredlife

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Anna Maria, the second best thing to come out of Wigan (the first being The Verve – in case you didn’t get the reference in the title), talks about some of the highs and lows of being untethered.


You might say I’m a chatterbox.  Most people do.  I was worried that working from home would inhibit my need to chatter.  But #untetheredlife has mass…


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In The Great Big Recruitment Industry Survey the market told us the following worrying stats

  • 56% of us are terrible
  • 31% are ‘meh’
  • Only 13% are exceptional

If you’re a recruiter and you’re reading this then chances are (87%) you’re not quite as amazing as you think.  But maybe you are.  Maybe you are one of the 13%.  Want to find out?


How can recruiters avoid 'Phone Fear'Interview with Sophie Robertson

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'Phone Fear' is a common issue for recruiters and other sales people. whether we admit it or not we spend hours procrastinating and avoiding doing the very thing that is the lifeblood of our business - picking up the phone.  So how do we avoid this 'Phone Fear'? We interview the great Sophie Robertson to find out.

#untetheredlife Part 6The Terrible Cook

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In the 6th instalment of our #Untetheredlife series, in which we explore how working for a recruitment agency that offers flexible working impacts the people that work there, Matt talks about how it has helped him settle into Australia and how its had the surprising side effect of making his terrible cooking skills not quite so terrible.

#Untetheredlife Part 5The SeaChange

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When Amanda decided to move her family far far from the big city lights, she found a whole range of new challenges. It wasnt until she found a company that offered her the #untetheredlife that she managed to get back to the career that she loved AND enjoy living in regional Australia. She also swims up a river every day!

What IT jobs are most in demand in Dublin?

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The IT and technology market in Dublin is growing with every passing month, making it more important than ever for candidates and businesses to work with a recruitment agency that specialises in this niche sector and understands what skills are most valuable. The benefits of taking this sort of approach are many and varied, but perhaps the mos…