Questions to ask a recruitment agency before moving to Oz [video]

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Hi there, welcome to The Recruitment Company video blog.

While relocating can help your recruitment career progress, the success of this exciting opportunity will depend on the questions you ask your future employer before you head off.

One of the major things you'll want to find out is whether any extra benefits will be available to you, …

Retaining talented IT people is getting tougher every year

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Software development talent has become one of the most sought-after commodities in the modern economy. Building both software solutions and mobile apps are vital functions in today's economy, and there might not be enough talent in the world today to meet the substantial needs that exist.

In a marketplace where software developers are so highly …

Contract hiring is increasing, resulting in new IT job opportunities

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Now is a good time to be in the market for an IT position. Companies worldwide are investing in designing websites, engineering software solutions and creating mobile apps. All of the above lead to considerable job creation. The positions are out there for the taking.

Contract jobs aren't the most stable opportunities in the world, but they c…

Communications and marketing are rapidly evolving fields


Business technology has come a long way in recent years. We now have cloud solutions for storing and accessing data, social media for sharing information in real time and mobile applications that add convenience to our daily lives. All of these have made it easier for companies to devise strategies and get things done in record time.

It's an …

Why should jobseekers pay attention to company culture?

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One of the biggest factors that determines the way a business functions and whether it is a good working environment is its culture. Company culture is valuable not only for executives but for people looking for a job, as it can help tell them if the new position is suitable.

Consequently, it's important for candidates to understand how to dete…

The modern business needs talent for bolstering network security

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At numerous places of business in recent years, we've seen companies branch out in terms of the different sorts of high-tech resources they rely on. The modern staff uses cloud solutions to share data smoothly and make collaboration easier. They use mobile devices for accessing their work files in the office or remotely. They've never had more ways of storing or accessing information.

3 simple things to do today for a $10K payrise

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Many recruiters would like to get a payrise, but often don't know how to achieve it. Did you know that earning yourself a $10,000 pay increase can be as simple as doing little things to get more from your day?

We at The Recruitment Company believe that it is not the big things you do, but the small steps you take consistently that will make the…

Are you a social media superstar? Strategies for the modern recruiter

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Did you know that social media is not just for keeping up with your mates, but can actually be a great digital recruitment weapon? A 2014 survey by Jobvite revealed that 59 per cent of recruiters use social networks to find the highest quality candidates.

Yet the key to accessing this talent-ripe source is to understand the differences between …