Where are all the project?

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Mine is a national market which sees people moving from state to state at the mercy of changing market conditions. With the much documented decline of the resources boom, many HSE contractors have struggled to secure consistent contracts. I'm often asked by contractors, "where are all the projects?" Here are my observations.

Using Performance ManagementFor Good not Evil

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Performance management has had a bad rap. But it needn't be used purely as a method of exiting poor performers. Performance management can be a powerful force for good if used right

Creating a Best Place To WorkThe 3 Wise Monkeys Approach

The foundation of any great company with a great working environment is the attitude of the leader. If you want to create a team or a company that is an amazing place to work you need to evaluate how you see other people.

Creating a best place to work

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As the Talent and Training Manager at TRC here are my observations on how to create an amazing company culture

The Holiday Myth Busted

There is a myth that permeates the recruitment industry - as with many other industries I don't doubt - that I want to dispel. The myth is the self-fulfilling prophesy that "things slow down at the end of the year."